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    Contact us to make a booking, it is wise to book a few days prior to your event.

    We can show you designs you can choose from or leave it to our discretion.

    Bridal clients will have chosen a design beforehand during initial consultations.

    If you are someone who can’t decide on a design, it may be wise to leave it to us instead of spending time looking through designs as more time can be used on the application instead.

    If you see something ahead of time in a book or on the internet, you can bring that to show us, if you like.


    Henna can be applied almost anywhere although it is mostly used to decorate and prettify hands, arms, shoulders, legs and feet.

    Henna is applied directly on to clean sanitized skin where the paste will harden and dry.

    It is wise to have your bathing, soaking, shaving or swimming done prior to your session. The same goes for manicures and pedicures.

    We do recommend exfoliation prior to henna as it will remove dead skin cells.

    Don’t apply anything on to skin such as creams and perfumes.

    Clean skin will allow the paste to stick to the skin better and ensure a darker and longer lasting stain.

    Henna Application

    It takes time to apply so make sure you are comfortable.

    Henna will be applied directly on to your skin.

    Ensure you have someone around to answer your phones or the door.

    "Watch the Henna Dry"

    Henna should be left on until completely dry (4-6 hours) we recommend you leave the paste on over night.

    A mixture of lemon juice and sugar can be applied to help darken the stain.

    Removing the Henna

    The paste naturally flakes off however, you may need to gently rub off the paste with your fingers. Once the paste is removed another 6-12 hours without contact with water is recommended.